Verdicts in favor of talcum powder victims keep coming in

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2018 | talcum powder

For decades, people did not realize that talcum powder could cause cancer. Millions of people bought it.

When used consistently, it has been linked to ovarian cancer. This is a very dangerous, aggressive disease. The majority of people who are diagnosed with it do not live more than five years. It’s a bleak outlook for individuals and their families, and it often leads to high financial costs to go along with the emotional toll.

More and more women have started suing over this cancer-causing powder, and they keep winning. A few examples include:

  • A $55 million verdict
  • A $70 million verdict
  • A $72 million verdict
  • A $110 million verdict
  • A $417 million verdict

One woman who has ovarian cancer is just 46 years old. When the diagnosis came in, she said she knew instantly that baby powder caused it. She claimed that she used it as a daily staple, just another part of her routine. She compared it to the way people use toothpaste every day.

Even those verdicts listed above do not tell the whole story, though. Johnson & Johnson, a company that makes baby powder, disputes the link between its product and ovarian cancer. So far, there are thousands of pending lawsuits. While verdicts have been positive for victims, that does not mean it’s easy to claim that money.

That is why it is so important for those who suffer from cancer to know all of their legal options. This can be a complex, lengthy process. You have to know your rights and all of the steps you can take to seek financial compensation.

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