New Orleans schools plagued by asbestos

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | asbestos

Louisiana is known for many things, such as incredible food options and a rich fascinating culture. Some people know about the darker sides of Bayou State, many of which stem from the Mississippi River’s pollution from chemical factories during the early part of the 20th century.

Another hazard introduced to the Child of the Mississippi was asbestos, often used in construction and insulation before the 1980s. The crystalline fibers of the material were shown to damage human lungs, leading to the possibility of lung cancer among other ailments. Although asbestos was put on the shelf decades ago, it is still present in some buildings and environments.

The school district of Orleans Parish, containing the state’s largest city of New Orleans, is facing its third asbestos threat of the year. New air quality tests show asbestos is airborne in an old facility purchased and outfitted as a high school. Two months after it was scheduled to open, the school is shuttered and marked “hazardous.”

Neither the school district nor its state-run predecessor detected the problem before in the 46-year-old building, proving that asbestos still poses a threat to people. Fortunately, this and other threats to New Orleans area schools were detected before students were exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos.

Workers, employees and students who were exposed to asbestos may have a case for financial compensation from the responsible party. This is especially true if a person has a chronic or serious condition due to asbestos exposure. An attorney can help review a person’s situation and determine the strength of a case in civil court, either on its own or part of a class-action lawsuit.