Louisiana court will hear talcum powder lawsuit

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | talcum powder

Asbestos, a fibrous crystalline material thought to cause respiratory problems, has been the subject of more expensive actions in U.S. civil courts than any other potentially harmful material. Although its use in manufacturing and building has long since come to an end, it is still discovered on occasion in older buildings across Louisiana.

Several school buildings have been recently closed for asbestos remediation to prevent harm to students in several parishes. But the focus in the courts is starting to shift from larger causes to the smallest and least assuming, as asbestos may have contaminated a personal hygiene product sold commercially in the United States and elsewhere for decades.

Talcum powder was marketed by a cosmetics company as a safe feminine hygiene product, as well as a way to keep babies clean and dry. It is possible that asbestos contaminated talcum powder mined in certain regions of the world, and the company knew about it before they currently claim they did.

Many lawsuits in several jurisdictions have taken the company to task over asbestos contamination in talcum powder. A Louisiana state court will hear one after a failed attempt by the company’s defense team to change the venue of one of these cases. The plaintiff claims her mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer often associated with asbestos exposure, was caused by the use of talcum powder sold by the company.

Other people who think talcum powder negatively affected their health may have a similar case in the appropriate civil court. An attorney can help reconcile medical records in preparation for a similar suit.