What is the most dangerous cancer in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2019 | lung cancer

Louisiana leads the nation in many industries and forms of recreation, but the state has a more unfortunate position at the top of the list of cancer victims. Fortunately, many victims of lung cancer have a legal recourse to be made as whole as possible after diagnosis.

What is the most dangerous form of cancer for Louisianans?

The most commonly diagnosed cancer in the Bayou State in the first half of this decade was lung cancer. Lung cancer also claims the most lives lost to cancer. Louisiana ranked 7th in the nation for both lung cancer incidence and fatalities. More than 2,500 annual deaths in Louisiana are projected due to lung cancer.

Who is the most vulnerable to lung cancer in Louisiana?

African-American males are at the highest risk for a lung cancer diagnosis, especially in age groups of 65 years or higher. Senior citizens are generally more likely to be diagnosed as well as most likely to fall victim to malignant tumors.

Are certain areas more likely to see lung cancer clusters?

Every region in Louisiana has an incidence rate above the national average. The central, northeast and southern coast regions of the state have the highest rates of new lung cancer diagnoses. Some of these clusters have been tentatively linked to environmental carcinogens caused by factories and shipping on the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

What if a lung cancer case may have been caused by these carcinogens?

Victims of lung cancer and their families may be entitled to financial damages if liability for illness can be shown in court or mediation. An attorney can help consult on this possibility and handle the process in civil court.