Talcum powder maker may have known more dangers than reported

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | talcum powder

Worries were growing about talcum powder long before the lawsuits started. Although some people still remember keeping babies dry with this powder, pediatricians started expressing concern about infants inhaling the white dust in the 1970s. Since then, up to 90% of talcum powder users have been adults.

However, recent lawsuits claim that talcum powder is no safer for adults than it was for children. Several are suing Johnson & Johnson (J&J), alleging a connection between intimate use of the substance and ovarian cancer. Part of the health problem is the possible presence of asbestos in many batches of the powder.

Asbestos has been connected with cancers on the lung and other vital organs. Some reports show that J&J was aware of the risk for decades before attempting to rectify the problem. It also appears that the distributor pivoted their advertising to more vulnerable populations without regarding the potential risks to unprotected users.

“What has me disturbed about this is that you didn’t give any caveat to the customers, once you knew there was a possibility there was some danger,” said the executive director of an organization representing the interests of minorities.

People who have suffered health problems connected to talcum powder have the right to seek financial damages that may help with medical expenses and compensation for effects on health and mental security. An experienced attorney can help review the medical information that may be used as evidence in a lawsuit against those responsible for selling a dangerous product. No one should have to fight alone against large, well-funded companies.