What are the dangers of talcum powder?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | talcum powder

Every once in a while, the nightly news on television gets your attention with the claim that “something in your house can kill you.” Sometimes, the science is being turned into hype for shock value. But one recent case may involve the violation of trust by not making enough of the dangers in an everyday product.

What are the health concerns with talcum powder?

Talcum powder, popular as an absorbent toiletry, has been marketed for decades as a female hygiene product and a preventative for diaper rash. Many users and their representatives are now concerned that the powder contained asbestos, a crystalline fiber that has been associated with lung cancer and other debilitating ailments that may prove fatal.

What is the connection between talcum powder and cancer?

Researchers rely on two different ways to study carcinogenesis, the propensity of a material to cause cancer. Lab studies often begin with animals, who are exposed to various chemicals and observed for changes. Human studies focus on causation, usually looking at the likelihood of cancer in specific populations by exposure or other possible cause they have in common.

How does the research affect the issue of talcum powder?

Most lawsuits alleging the danger of talcum powder are no longer focused on proving the contents of the product or their causes. It has to do more with the manufacturer’s awareness of dangers without communicating them to the public or specific users. This would make them liable for damages of different types than the simple reimbursement of related medical expenses. An attorney can help people concerned about the health effects of talcum powder work out the best way to initiate a claim.