Vaping causes lung health concerns in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | lung cancer

Lung illness has become unfortunately common in Louisiana. The state often leads the national average in the instances of lung cancer, mesothelioma and other ailments of the respiratory system. Many experts have blamed the various chemical industries along the Mississippi River and their related emissions for the poor air quality.

While people in the Bayou State are still grappling with these issues, a new one has taken its place among local public health concerns. The introduction of tobacco oil vaporized in electronic cigarettes, usually known as vaping, became popular a few years ago as an alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. But it appears the dangers of smoking were not reduced that much.

The Louisiana Department of Health recently issued a statewide alert regarding the dangers of vaping. This is a reaction to several people across the country ending up hospitalized with lung problems. Doctors have also been requested to ask patients with pulmonary illnesses about their use of e-cigarettes.

Louisiana has reported at least 13 cases of pulmonary problems related to vaping of tobacco and other chemicals. Although the causes of specific problems are still under investigation, some specialists are wondering if there are hidden dangers in the suspensions of chemicals or the temperature of the vapor.

If vaping products are shown to have been designed with a defect or created with a negligent view of general safety, victims of lung illnesses may have a case against manufacturers and marketers of these products. Although time will tell if this will be an effective legal strategy, an attorney can answer initial questions about liability.