Scientists work to connect talcum powder with cancer

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | talcum powder

Liability in cases of illness is not always easy to prove. It may feel like a case of food poisoning after going out to eat. The cause may seem obvious to you, but it may not hold up in court.

This is because liability is the important issue when looking for financial damages after an illness or injury. Did someone have a responsibility to keep consumers safe and failed to fulfill it? Was someone able to stop the problem and didn’t take the opportunity?

The entire country is watching the progression of several cases against the manufacturers and sellers of talcum powder. The light white substance has been used for decades as a hygiene aid because of its absorbent qualities, but some users and their doctors are concerned about a risk of ovarian cancer and other ailments.

Liability must often be decided by a judge or jury, but new science presented as evidence can be helpful. A new study this year demonstrates how exposure to talcum powder may change ovarian cells.

“I went to the lab, took the powder and added it to ovarian cancer cell lines,” said one of the participating physicians. “We found that it created an increased oxidative state.” This oxidation may be connected to inflammation and other problems that could lead to a more serious diagnosis.

This scientific evidence and other elements to show liability can help plaintiffs in lawsuits to claim financial damages for required medical help. An attorney can examine the existing evidence and help represent a client’s interests in legal proceedings or negotiations with defendants.