Talcum powder maker recalls lot due to asbestos

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2019 | asbestos

Concerns about asbestos exposure were centered around exposure in the workplace for most of the 20th century. The substance has been used in homes and kitchens, but it is generally considered unsafe when the solid tiles or tools begin to send dust into the air to settle in people’s lungs and other organs.

There are more recent concerns that asbestos may appear in this dangerous form in consumer products like toiletries. A major distributor of talcum powder has been fighting allegations that their product contained asbestos from its mineral source, and the firm was aware of it.

Now, the company is recalling more than 30,000 bottles of baby powder, a specific branding of talcum powder to use for keeping babies dry. The move comes after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found asbestos in one of the company’s bottles.

The recall covers only a single lot of the product, and the company is still fighting open lawsuits that claim the powder has contained asbestos for years. More than 100,000 lawsuits related to talcum powder’s contamination with asbestos are still open against the firm.

“I understand today’s recall may be concerning to all those individuals who may have used the affected lot of baby powder,” said the FDA’s acting commissioner. “I want to assure everyone that the agency takes these concerns seriously and that we are committed to our mandate of protecting the public health.”

People concerned with their exposure to asbestos may seek the help of an attorney. A lawyer may work out whether or not a lawsuit is a good way to claim the financial damages for health care after a diagnosis related to asbestos exposure.