New technology makes lung cancer surgery more effective

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | lung cancer

Lung cancer is a serious problem in Louisiana. The Bayou State leads the nation in new cases of the disease, which may be connected to the level of pollutants in the environment from chemical factories and other facilities in the Mississippi River Valley.

People in the state are hoping that improvements in environmental quality will help reduce new cases of lung cancer. In the meantime, many people are still suffering due to the actions or inactions of companies that operate near their homes and communities.

In a piece of good news, a new technology is helping doctors identify non-small-cell lung cancer for treatment. Recent research has shown the usefulness of OTL38, which combines a dye and a molecule attracted to the cancer cells to find clusters that could be removed by surgery.

“Near-infrared imaging with OTL38 may be a powerful tool to help surgeons significantly improve the quality of lung cancer surgery by more clearly identifying tumors and allowing the surgeon to better see and completely remove them–one of the most vital components in the overall care of patients with this disease,” said a doctor leading this research project.

This marker can be used during surgery, unlike other methods that identified some problem areas before operations. Now, doctors can ensure total excision of a bad cluster of cells.

People who are facing a long period of treatment for lung cancer may have a case against an organization that caused illness through pollution or other irresponsible action. An attorney can look at the causes of a specific case and determine if a lawsuit is a good idea.