New verdict directed against talcum powder distributor

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | talcum powder

We always want to believe the everyday products we use are there to make our lives better. Something rarely goes wrong with a trusted product or service, and people have a recourse in the civil courts if they harmed when it does happen.

The last year has seen a variety of civil actions against the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of talcum powder. This substance has long been seen as a hygiene aid, preventing excess moisture for women and children. However, recent accusations include the possibility it has been contaminated with asbestos, which has been long associated with increased rates in some types of cancer.

Scientists remain unsure whether talcum powder itself is associated with cervical cancer and other disorders. Several verdicts have required the company to pay massive combinations of reimbursement for medical expenses and financial damages. A recent verdict totaled $750 million as punitive damages for four people who claim to be victims of talcum powder.

Investigations continue into how long the company knew of the potential dangers involving asbestos in talcum powder available in pharmacies and other over-the-counter businesses. When it comes down to it, juries get to decide the effect of those conclusions, because they are the ones who get to determine the results of these lawsuits.

People who are concerned talcum powder affected their health may have a case for damages, which can help with medical expenses and other costs related to treatment. An attorney can prepare such a case and represent plaintiffs’ interests in court and negotiations that may lead to the help they need.