A mesothelioma diagnosis starts with a biopsy

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | mesothelioma

Maybe you have reason to believe that you’re suffering from mesothelioma. Or maybe you have no idea of what’s going on with your body, but you’re sure that something is wrong.

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s critical that you seek medical attention. An experienced and knowledgeable doctor can run a variety of tests in an attempt to quickly get to the bottom of your health concerns, all with the idea of treating you accordingly.

A mesothelioma diagnosis often starts with a biopsy. With this test, a portion of tissue is removed from your body and sent to a laboratory for closer examination. While there are other tests that may point toward a mesothelioma diagnosis, this is the only one that can definitively determine if you have the disease.

There are two basic ways for a doctor to obtain a biopsy:

  • Needle biopsy: This is the easiest option, as it allows your doctor to obtain a piece of tissue or fluid by simply inserting a needle through the skin that covers your abdomen or chest.
  • Surgery: Your doctor can also take a sample during surgery, such as if they want to get a closer look at what’s happening inside your body.

Remember, just because your medical team requests a biopsy doesn’t mean you necessarily have mesothelioma. You won’t know for sure until it’s analyzed for abnormalities.

The primary purpose of a biopsy is to determine if you have mesothelioma. However, it’s also helpful in pinpointing the type of mesothelioma, which then allows your medical team to create the best possible treatment plan.

If you’re found to have mesothelioma, other tests, such as an MRI, are often ordered to learn more about the extent of the disease, such as any spreading to the lymph nodes.

mesothelioma diagnosis is heartbreaking, but there are treatment options available. Don’t wait to consult with an experienced medical team that can guide your care.

As time allows, you should also learn more about the cause of your disease, as it’s likely related to asbestos exposure. This could lead you to take legal action against an employer or manufacturer that put you at risk.