Coping with lung disease in cold weather

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | asbestos

Any kind of lung disease, whether it’s related to asbestos exposure or something else, can prove seriously limiting under the best of conditions. When the weather starts to get colder, however, your breathing problems may suddenly worsen.

You can’t do anything about the weather, but you can take steps to manage your condition despite the temperature changes. Here are some tips you can use as we head into fall and winter:

  1. Use your medication as directed. It’s natural to skip a dose of medication now and then, but this isn’t the time to be forgetful or lax about your prescriptions. Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully when the weather starts turning.
  2. Keep your rescue inhalers and oxygen handy. If you need rescue inhalers or supplemental oxygen, keep them with you at all times — even if you’re only making a short trip to the store.
  3. Wear a scarf. Even if you have a mask on, it’s still smart to wrap a scarf around your nose and mouth when you have to go out in the cold. The extra insulation will warm the air and provide your lungs with some much-needed humidity.
  4. Wash your hands. The last thing you need is to pick up a cold bug, and we’re heading into that season. Make sure that you keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth while you’re out and wash your hands again as soon as you get home.
  5. Skip the fireplace. Throwing a few logs on the fire on a cold night can be comforting, but it’s a hazard when you’re struggling with lung disease. Smoke and ash can make your lung disease flare and leave you feeling pretty miserable.

Asbestos-related lung disease is quite serious. If you’re sick or your loved one is sick with such a disease, make sure that you consult with an experienced legal advocate to find out if you’re due any kind of compensation.