3 everyday places where asbestos may be found 

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | asbestos

It often comes as a surprise to many, but asbestos is not actually banned in the United States. Despite a reduction in its usage, the product may still be imported and used in certain circumstances

Unfortunately, as the substance has been and can still be used in construction, asbestos may still be uncovered in some buildings. Surprisingly, its discovery often becomes apparent in places that are supposed to ensure a person’s safety. 

It has long been established that asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma, which is an extremely aggressive type of cancer. As a result, it is worth considering some situations where you may potentially be at risk. Outlined below are three everyday places where asbestos may be found. 


In order to try and prevent fires caused by overheating equipment, it was once commonplace for asbestos to be used. The most likely place to come across asbestos products is in hospital boiler rooms. Additionally, asbestos material can occasionally be found in floor tiles. Anyone who comes into contact may be at significant risk. However, it is important to note that hospital maintenance workers could be in the most danger. 


Asbestos exposure in schools became such a great concern in the 1980’s that legislation was specifically enacted to tackle it. Unfortunately, this did not completely negate the problem and asbestos can still be found in some schools today. Again, school boiler rooms are an area of particular concern. However, asbestos may also be present in tiled ceilings as well as flooring. 

At home

Even in a new build, there could be a chance that some asbestos has been used in construction. The most likely areas to contain asbestos are pipes, flooring, tiled ceilings and cement sheets. Nevertheless, asbestos material is much more likely to be found in older buildings. 

Although asbestos use is heavily regulated and not as common as it once was, it is still worth looking out for. If you are facing health issues due to asbestos exposure, there are legal options open to you.