3 practical ways to support a family member through a mesothelioma diagnosis

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | mesothelioma

A mesothelioma diagnosis can have a devastating impact on everyone involved. Often, close relatives and friends can be at a loss as to how to help.

At times, providing support in practical ways may be the most useful thing to do. Assistance with regular day-to-day activities and errands is often overlooked. However, these could be the type of things that greatly benefit someone after a diagnosis. Outlined below are three practical ways to support a family member after a mesothelioma diagnosis. 

Provide company

It may be extremely difficult for someone dealing with an asbestos-related illness to get out and socialize. Frequently, much of their time will have to be spent at home or in medical facilities. As a result, there might be little opportunity to socialize. Simply having someone to talk to as well as listen can be very helpful. Additionally, enjoyable activities such as watching a TV show or playing games together could offer much-needed emotional support. 

Offer to go grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is often another vital aspect that can be taken for granted. Your loved one may require essentials such as food and toiletries once or twice per week. It may be of benefit if you offer to collect items from a list that your family member has compiled. Additionally, you could always call and check on them when you are doing your own weekly shop. 

Help out with the chores

Mesothelioma patients may struggle to carry out daily tasks such as cleaning and caring for family pets. It can be of great assistance if you help out with chores such as gardening, cleaning and walking the dogs if this is relevant to the situation. 

Taking steps to assist with the practical aspect of daily life could really help your loved one. It is also important to note that if a family member has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related condition, they may be entitled to legal compensation