Keep careful track of all your mesothelioma records

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | mesothelioma

Once you obtain a mesothelioma diagnosis, you will probably begin receiving services and treatments from several sources (doctors, government agencies, legal professionals, etc.). Keeping track of these and other aspects of your mesothelioma journey can soon become overwhelming.

If you have not already started, now is the time to begin documenting and organizing things. Having clear, chronological records of how your condition impacts your life has health and legal benefits.

Keep your medical records

You have the right to all your medical records, including provider notes, image files (including scans and x-rays) and billing. Make a folder at home or on your computer to store copies of your health care records. Every time you see a doctor, get a copy of everything related to the visit and add it to your file.

Keep your legal records

Like health care files, your legal records are yours, and you have a right to get copies of them. Make a separate folder or file to store everything related to your efforts to seek compensation.

Get your employment records

If possible, obtain any documents pertaining to employment situations that contributed to or caused your mesothelioma. Employment records can help prove your mesothelioma claim, opening the door to all forms of compensation available to you.

Why it matters

Keeping your mesothelioma records updated and organized gives you fast access to everything you need in the way of documentation. If you must see a new health care provider or add information to your legal file, you will already have what you need within reach.

Proper record-keeping can strengthen your Louisiana mesothelioma claim, and it also helps you track your medical care and prognosis.