Could remodeling your home expose your family to asbestos?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | asbestos

It has been decades since federal regulatory agencies officially recognized how dangerous asbestos actually is. Before that, businesses used asbestos for all kinds of products, including many utilized during home construction.

There are now numerous laws and federal safety rules that govern the use of asbestos in industrial environments and also asbestos remediation in homes and businesses. Whenever you want to complete a remodeling project, you may need to consider the possibility of environmental risk factors, such as lead in old paint or asbestos in flooring, popcorn ceilings and insulation material.

Do you have to worry about asbestos exposure due to a remodeling project?

Companies should verify the presence of asbestos

As the homeowner, you may worry about asbestos in your home, but you probably don’t have access to testing facilities to verify if there is asbestos in your insulation or your popcorn ceilings. Given that there are remediation rules and also employee protection laws, businesses that might handle asbestos should be proactive about determining whether this dangerous mineral substance is present in a home or not.

Unfortunately, many companies would prefer to avoid the expense involved in testing, properly remediating detected asbestos and protecting their employees while doing so. Some construction companies and remodeling businesses will intentionally avoid performing appropriate tests to confirm the presence of asbestos so that they can claim ignorance if it turns up later.

They have their workers remove old flooring and other materials very likely contaminated with asbestos without using any safety equipment. They may also fail to communicate with homeowners about the risk of asbestos particulates in the air during and after the project.

Identifying the source of asbestos is a key step

If you hope to pursue a compensation claim because you or a member of your immediate family developed an asbestos-related medical condition, determining the actual source of the asbestos exposure is crucial. One-time exposure because of a home remodeling project could sicken some people. Frequent exposure even at lower levels has a strong association with lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Going back over your personal history can be an important step if you require compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses following your diagnosis with an asbestos-related disease.