Is trouble breathing a symptom of lung cancer?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | lung cancer

With lung cancer, as with most other types of cancer, it is beneficial to spot the signs and symptoms as early as you possibly can. The sooner you can get started on a treatment program, the better your odds of recovering from the type of cancer that you’ve developed.

As such, if you find yourself having trouble breathing, you may be wondering if you have lung cancer or a related disease. Is this one of the symptoms you should be watching for? Is it time to go to the doctor?

Feeling breathless

Difficulty breathing certainly can be linked to lung cancer. One such condition is known as dyspnea and it is a feeling of shortness of breath. Essentially, your chest may feel tight and you’ll feel like you just can’t quite catch your breath, even if you’re sitting still and trying.

Naturally, this could also make it difficult for you to do other things in your life, such as work at your job or even spend time with your family. Exercising may become impossible.

But one problem is that difficulty breathing can technically be a symptom of many different conditions. For instance, if you could simply have some sort of respiratory illness. 

For this reason, the longevity of your symptoms is important. If the breathless feeling clears up after a few days or weeks, you may have simply beaten a respiratory disease. But if it lasts for months or even years, then it could be something more serious and long-term, such as lung cancer.

If you ever have any questions, the right move is always to go talk to a medical professional to get an official diagnosis. At the same time, you may need to look into all of your legal options.