Seeking help when things seem bleak after a mesothelioma diagnosis

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | lung cancer

There is no question that living with mesothelioma or another severe asbestos-related disease takes a monumental mental and emotional toll on a patient. It is, therefore, incredibly important to seek guidance and assistance if you’re ill and the world feels dark. 

According to recent studies, the rate of suicide among those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and other cancers is far greater than it is among the general population. When individuals have a good prognosis, that rate is lower. When their prognosis is tough, that rate is much higher. 

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or you’re “simply” (because there is nothing simple about this reality) feeling overwhelmed in the face of your diagnosis, getting help and seeking guidance is important. 

Why making this effort is worth your time

When the world seems particularly dark, making the pain stop can feel like the single most important task that one can pursue. It may even seem like making the pain stop will benefit loved ones, who are struggling to navigate the reality of an ill individual’s experience as well. Yet, it is vitally important to understand that seeking help will benefit those loved ones to an even greater extent. Why? Watching a loved one struggle and feeling helpless can be overwhelming. Experiencing the premature loss of a loved one by their own hand is unimaginable for most people. 

If you are ill due to an asbestos-related disease and your prognosis isn’t favorable, you need to seek help if the world is looking particularly dark. The more proactive you can be in making this effort, the more likely it will be that the resources you seek out will be able to offer you and your loved ones meaningful relief. Even if your moments feel numbered, it is never ever too late to reach out when you are in need.