3 surprising careers with a high risk of asbestos exposure

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | asbestos

When it comes to asbestos exposure, you tend to expect this to happen to someone who spent their life working in construction on old buildings. It’s easy to build up a picture of a person building houses or industrial structures and fitting them with the asbestos-ladened ceiling and floor tiles and insulation materials.

While construction workers do make up a considerable number of asbestos exposure cases, interestingly they’re not alone. There are many other careers that also pose a risk and some of which might come as a surprise.


Firefighters cannot control the types of jobs that they get sent to. Regular attendance at buildings that were built before the ban on asbestos use in the 1980s puts them at a high risk of asbestos exposure. Having to enter burning buildings that have asbestos throughout often means it is very difficult to not ingest the fibers.

Military service members

Veterans face a high risk of exposure, especially those who served in the U.S. Navy between the 1930s and the 1970s. Asbestos was used when building military housing and other structures. It can also be found in vehicles and equipment.


Many schools across the U.S. pose a risk for asbestos exposure. Often being older buildings, the material was used in building and insulating structures. This can leave teachers in a position where they are unknowingly being exposed to asbestos every day.

Family members

What’s important to note is that family members of those working in any profession where there’s a risk of asbestos exposure can also be affected. Its fibers can attach themselves to a person’s clothes meaning they’re inadvertently being brought into the family home.

If you or your loved one has worked in a career where there’s been prolonged asbestos exposure, seeking legal assistance can help you to claim the compensation you deserve.