A combination of mesothelioma treatments shows real promise

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2023 | mesothelioma

Researchers have made major advances in the treatment of cancer in recent years, including the development of immunotherapies. Instead of trying to kill the cancer directly, immunotherapies focus on training a cancer patient’s own body to fight the cancer directly.

Some cancers have proven much harder to treat than others. A diagnosis of mesothelioma often comes with limited treatment options. Patients don’t usually respond favorably to chemotherapy or surgical procedures. 

However, cutting-edge research shows promising results for those that underwent not one but two treatments for mesothelioma in a specific order. 

Immunotherapy before surgery could help patients

The unfortunate truth about the surgical removal of mesothelioma is that the cancerous tissue often grows back very shortly after the procedure. However, medical researchers announced promising signs in multiple patients following a clinical trial that looked at immunotherapy treatments administered in combination with surgery. 

Those who received early immunotherapy treatments with a specific medication before surgical removal of the tumor saw reduced regrowth of the mesothelioma tissue. Researchers continue to follow the patients who underwent the treatment — which is in itself impressive, as the treatment occurred three years ago and the five-year mortality rate for mesothelioma is quite high. 

For many individuals struggling with this devastating form of cancer, cutting-edge therapies will be cost-prohibitive unless they pursue compensation after their diagnosis. Insurance companies will not cover experimental treatments, which means patients that want the newest, most promising care often need hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Holding a business responsible for exposing you to asbestos and causing your mesothelioma might help you connect with treatments that could improve your prognosis.