The benefits of movement for asbestos-related disease patients

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | asbestos

You’re sick, exhausted and psychologically weary. The mere thought of getting up and moving around seems pointless. This is how many of those with asbestos-related lung cancer and illnesses feel every day.

Living with a fatal illness does not typically inspire one to start a physical fitness routine but remember that your family needs you to stick around. You can still give them many joyful memories before asbestos takes its final toll, but you must improve your health and condition to make these memories.

What does inactivity do to the body?

The bodies of those with an asbestos illness are constantly fighting the disease. However, maintaining a reasonably healthy fitness level can increase your immune response and overall vitality.

Other consequences of physical inactivity:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Body function impairment
  • Limited range of movement

The less you move, the more physical symptoms you may experience. Inactivity can also affect your psychological outlook and increase anxiety or depression.

How can increased movement help?

According to research, exercise can help lung cancer patients feel less tired and more energetic. It can also:

  • Improve brain and body function
  • Help with sleep impairments
  • Improve bone health and muscle strength
  • Reduce mental and emotional hardships
  • Help patients maintain a healthy weight

Your family will benefit from your efforts at improving your overall condition as they will have more opportunities to interact with you. Another reason to focus on fitness is staying healthy enough to ensure those responsible for your Louisiana asbestos exposure are held accountable.

If you have not yet started a legal claim after exposure to asbestos gave you lung cancer, reach out for guidance. You could obtain enough compensation to help you extend your life for a significant amount of time.