What Are the Roles of an Expert Witness in Asbestos Litigation?

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Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber used in building materials like insulation, roofing shingles, floor tiles, and ceilings. While it is renowned for its durability and resistance to heat, asbestos exposure can lead to various health problems. Given its harmful effects, the EPA banned its use in different sectors. However, older buildings might still have asbestos-containing materials for insulation and fireproofing. If you contract a health issue due to asbestos exposure, you can file a lawsuit against the company or entity responsible for the exposure. An expert witness can play a critical role in asbestos litigation, strengthening your case as a result.

Who Is an Expert Witness in Asbestos Litigation?

An expert witness in asbestos litigation is a knowledgeable individual whom the court may call upon to give evidence in asbestos-related matters. The expert witness has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing technical analysis and opinion on asbestos exposure accidents and related issues. While an expert witness might not be present during the asbestos exposure, the court allows them to make conclusions and offer opinions based on their experience in the sector.

Roles of an Expert Witness in Asbestos Litigation

Expert witnesses have several roles in asbestos litigation. They can make or break a case based on the evidence they provide during legal proceedings. Here are the top roles of an expert witness in asbestos litigation.

Case Assessment

Expert witnesses help attorneys assess the merits of an asbestos litigation process. They examine the exposure details, occupational history, and medical records of the plaintiff before providing an objective analysis of the evidence.

Independent Legal Assistance

An expert witness provides independent legal assistance to the court by offering expert opinions in an asbestos litigation process. Their conclusions might range from the causation of asbestos exposure to the plaintiff’s health issues resulting from asbestos exposure.

Depositions and Trial Testimony

The court may call upon expert witnesses to testify during asbestos litigation. The expert witness will present their findings and provide persuasive evidence supporting the claim.

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